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East Spirits is an international alcoholic beverage wholesale company, doing business world-wide specializing in supplying orders of wide range of alcoholic beverages. We handle world class brands in all major categories: beers, spirits, ciders, champagne, wines


We are a wholesale company of leading alcoholic beverage brands, which supplies goods worldwide


We offer various logistic services, insurance and stickering. We work with the world's leading carriers


We have our own non-excise warehouse in Riga, which serves as a base for our global operations

We hold one of the largest beverage portfolio in Europe

We supply, distribute, export and retail a comprehensive range of beverages to more than 100 countries with responsibility for more than 1500 third-party drinks brands

About us

Customer focused approach

We have a deep understanding of customer needs, insights in respect to consumer usage and attitudes and preferences.

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Logistics & Warehousing

We provide all range of warehouse operations both in our own warehouse and in trusted 3rd party warehouses.

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Wide and growing assortment

Assortment range from major producers to niche products growing according to our customer requirements.

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Our performance

The quality of our service capabilities is well-known internationally, which is managed from our head office in Riga, Latvia. Working on the basis of the company’s core principles and values, East Spirits has become a partner of many world recognized brands and same time in response to dynamic market conditions, we have accepted the challenge to introduce our consumer to new brands.

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