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East Spirits is an international alcoholic beverage wholesale company, doing business world-wide – specializing in supplying orders of wide range of alcoholic beverages.

We handle world class brands in all major categories: beers, spirits, ciders, champagne, wines, etc.

Our performance

The quality of our service capabilities is well-known internationally, which is managed from our head office in Riga, Latvia. Working on the basis of the company’s core principles and values, East Spirits has become a partner of many world recognized brands and same time in response to dynamic market conditions, we have accepted the challenge to introduce our consumer to new brands.

International clients
Average units sold yearly

Our Vision

Be the first choice of supplier in the beverage industry


We set high standards and take responsibility for our people, processes, preparation and performance.


We ar truly convinced that a strong team and great cooperation is the core value of a succesful company.


We relate to each other as partners to achieve the best results.


We can adapt to our customer and partner needs and processes.

Our strenghts

• High purchasing power – in terms of volume
• Financially strong
• Open minded –result focused approach
• Handling flexibility – from a single pallet to several containers
• Our own excise warehouse in Riga, Latvia (5000m2)
• Accounts in trusted 3rd party warehouses
• Assortment range from major producers to niche products
• Growing assortment according to our customer requirements
• Location – gateway between Europe and CIS
• Cooperation with the world's leading carriers

Our strategy

• Generate superior business value through relentless focus on performance
• Keep building a truly effective international team with an ambitious, high performance culture
• Deliver quality and value to our consumers, customers and suppliers
• Strengthen our market positions in all key sectors by building new cooperation and acquiring brands and companies

Strategy in action

Handling flexibility - from a single pallet to several containers

Strategy in action

We have outstanding expertise in buying and selling production to and from Europe, CIS countries, Asia, US and UAE where we have a loyal customer base working with high volumes. Now East Spirits entered into a new phase of strategic market development for our global expansion to reach all countries.

Consumer experience

We have developed a deep understanding of customer needs, insights in respect to consumer usage and attitudes, lifestyle preferences and consumption in each of our focus markets. We leverage these insights to be sure that we deliver to our partners and consumers value propositions with our own brands, partner brands or private labels. 

Our people

We believe that strong brands are built by strong and motivated people. Our top priority is to provide a value based culture and a dynamic working environment that is focused on long-term value creation.

Business ethics and intelligence 

By ensuring simple, focused and transparent business intelligence process, we are scaling insights rapidly, effectively and efficiently to our consumers and partners. We undertake market research to understand emerging consumer trends both globally and in our individual local markets and seek to offer new brand concepts and products that match these trends.

Effective development

We are working with world top brands to bring high quality, profitable products to the market.We are focused on delighting consumers with ongoing new category innovations, which also makes commercial sense for our partners. 

Product portfolio analysis

We perform ongoing detailed reviews of our product portfolio, to ensure that we have attractive products that meet consumer needs.

New brands 

We follow market tendencies and looking for new brands. New brands are strategic priorities for our company.

Brand portfolio management

We carefully review all opportunities to add further distribution partner brands to our local portfolios, to offer a complementary and profitable brand portfolio which covers all relevant product categories and price segments. 

Brand building 

We create brand experiences for new products and services and their further development to achieve high results.

Value-added trade relationships 

Through our own distribution businesses and working with independent distribution partners in global markets, we have unique capabilities and competitive advantages.

Buying power

Strong purchasing department with a strong focus – price, quality, stock levels and delivery speed. 


In 2022 our focus for investments is to build own modern warehouse in Latvia, by increasing space volume as well and the volume of goods will play an important role automate all the procedures, other investments are related to efficiency and our competitiveness by increasing the volume of goods will play an important role. 

We're hiring!

We always welcome professionals on our team, so if you feel like joining our amazing team - send us your CV and tell us about yourself.

Piedrujas iela 22, Riga, Latvia, LV-1073

+371 67797552
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